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Ecstatic Dance Experience

Principles of ecstatic dance:

  • Dance barefoot to connect fully with the ground

  • Dance without words to promote a meditative state

  • Dance as you are without mind altering drugs or alcohol. 

Saturday, October 1  |  7p-8:30PM 


Winds of Change -
A Breath Experience

Learn different breathing practices and experience the amazing effects breath has from boosting energy to calming the nervous system.  Discover the power of your own breath!

Saturday, September 16  |  2-4:30PM


Conscious Conflict
(Back by Popular Demand)

A healing practice for being in relationship.  Learn how to regulate your nervous system so that you can be fully present for those who are most important to you.  

4-Week Series, beginning 10/19  |  6:45-8PM


Yoga Alignment Basics-4 Week Series

Are you looking for intro yoga class?
Are you interested in how to align yoga postures?
Do you want a slower paced class? 
Check this 4-week series out.   

4-Week Series, beginning 8/7  |  5:30-6:30PM

Ground 2023.jpeg

Ground - Fall Equinox Workshop

Connect to your inner landscape as we navigate through what continues to be a challenging and ever-changing time for most of us. So let’s get GROUNDED. Really grounded—through sacred ritual, breath, self inquiry, and a rooted Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga practice.

Saturday, September 23  |  12-2PM  (In-Person) 

Glow - Winter Solstice Workshop

Tend to the light within while finding peace in the quiet darkness of winter. Take comfort in the healing power of this sacred season of stillness.

Saturday, December 16  |  12-2PM (In-Person) 

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