300 Hour Teacher Training Ross Rayburn ~ Postponed to a Later Date ~ Stay Tuned

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~ Postponed to a Later Date ~ Stay Tuned

Thank you all for your interest in studying with Ross Rayburn.  Due to some unforeseen challenges, we are postponing our training until another time.  We are dedicated to continue offering amazing education opportunities for our Albuquerque community and will work toward more from Ross. If you have any questions please contact Marisol Brito at  We appreciate your continued support and dedication to yoga.


Study with Master Teacher Ross Rayburn and special guests teachers Christopher Tompkins and Ellen Saltonstall. The 300 Hour Teacher Training Program is designed to deepen an experienced practitioner’s and/or teacher’s understanding of yoga asana practice, the art and science of teaching yoga, functional yoga anatomy, and philosophy, the glue that binds it all together. Prior to enrolling in this training, you must complete a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program. Once you have completed Bhava’s 300 Hour Training program, you are eligible to apply for a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Alliance. If you’d like to reserve your spot, please email us or come by the studio.

Benefits of studying with Ross:

  • Ross brings over 20 years of yoga experience including 15 years of study into anatomy and yoga therapeutics.
  • Having taught in over 100 cities on 6 different continents, this training will provide you the skills to handle myriad situations that arise when teaching yoga. Ross’ global experience will translate for you into a broad and powerful understanding of navigating the ups and downs of a yoga teaching career.
  • Possibly most importantly, this training will be fun! Teacher trainings are so chocked full of information, it’s crucial to have a teacher that’s accessible, approachable and one that makes the training a joyful experience … this is one of Ross’ attributes.




Special Guest Teachers:
Melissa Spamer,
Christopher Tompkons, &
Ellen Saltonstall

Training will meet for six 5-day sessions between Sept 2017 and Mar 2018.


Session 1: Sept 20-24 w/ Ross |
Creating an Optimal Environment for a Superlative Yoga Class

Session 2: Oct 18-19 w/ Melissa Spamer | Subtle Body Awakening

Session 2: Oct 20-22 w/ Christopher Tompkons | Philosophy

Session 3: Dec 6-10 w/Ross |
Teaching Techniques to Facilitate, Catalyze and Support your Students

Session 4: Jan 17-21, 2018 w/ Ross |
Teaching Artistry: The Subtleties and Nuances of Advanced Teaching

Session 5: Feb 21-25, 2018 w/ Ellen Saltonstall | Advanced Anatomy

Session 6: Mar 21-25 w/ Ross |
Integrating Myriad Variables into a Seamless Class and Career

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Housing ~

Bhava Yoga Studio is located in a cozy East downtown neighborhood. This neighborhood bridges the downtown business community with the University area. Within this area there are plenty of restaurants options, shops, traditional bed-and-breakfast and Airbnb’s within walking distance.  You have the convenience of staying close to the studio and having all of your travel needs nearby. Not only is this convenient but it also allows you plenty of time to settle into and absorb the in-depth and rich training content.  In case you are on a budget, Bhava students and teachers are open to hosting you. We are happy to work with you to find housing as needed  well you’re here in Albuquerque.



About Ross Rayburn

Ross started practicing yoga in 1997 following a knee injury. First trained in Ashtanga and Iyengar at Yoga Works in 1999, Ross became a certified Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. In 2004, he opened Yogainsideout in Los Angeles. In 2007, Ross went on the road full-time, teaching workshops and trainings all around the world. In 2015, he launched Tricara Yoga.

Ross has taught in over 100 different cities in 24 countries. He is known for teaching some of the most sophisticated aspects of yoga with passion, humor and clarity. Ross has also become renowned for his knowledge and skill in helping people with physical injuries. He has focused on yoga therapeutics for the last 11 years and has worked with a number of professional athletes and dancers. He has taught internationally over 50 therapeutic trainings to hundreds of teachers and students including physical therapists and medical doctors. Learn more about Ross at his website.


About Christopher Tompkins

MTS, MA, and PhD candidate is a Yoga practitioner and Sanskrit scholar specializing in the tradition of Tantric Shaivism. He has three degrees in Religion and Sanskrit, including Masters Degrees from Harvard and UC Berkeley. His research focuses on the ritualized practices of Hatha Yoga as originally presented in the earliest surviving Tantras – untranslated works that pre-date the later Hatha Yoga manuals by centuries. He founded the Kashmir Shaivism Preservation Project, which seeks to preserve and share the literal legacy of Kashmir Shaivism. To date, he’s acquired over 24,000 pages of manuscripts spanning the vast range of Philosophy, Ritual and Yoga representing the medieval Tantric tradition. Christopher lectures around the world in universities and Yoga centers on the history, philosophy and practices of Indian Yoga. He currently teaches courses at UC Berkely, and he is the co-originator of the Foundation for Yoga and founder of Shaiva Yoga.


About Melissa Spamer

Melissa Spamer, M.A. ERYT 500, L.M.T., C. Ay. began formally practicing Yoga in 1993. She has completed more then six Yoga teacher trainings and has twenty years of teaching experience, leading classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Her love of Yoga led her to also become an Ayurvedic practitioner, spending more than two years of clinical training at the Ayurvedic Institute. Her approach to Yoga integrates her in-depth studies with such celebrated teachers as Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Rama Vernon, Shiva Rea, Kali Ray and training at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram with TKV Desikachar. Her teaching is inspired by the rhythms of the breath, the movements found within the natural world, and fluid, spacious alignment. She is also a licensed counselor and bodyworker in the state of New Mexico and continues to study Yogic and body-centered approaches to healing. She maintains a private Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and counseling practice in Santa Fe. Learn more about Melissa at her website.


About Ellen Saltonstall

Ellen Saltonstall (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT) is a yoga instructor and body therapist based in New York with extensive training in the Iyengar and Anusara methods. She has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 40 years. In addition to yoga, she developed and teaches Bodymind Ballwork, a method of self-massage using rubber balls. Ellen has authored three books: Yoga for Arthritis, 2008, and Yoga for Osteoporosis, 2010 with Dr. Loren Fishman, and her new book Anatomy & Yoga: A Guide for Teachers and Students, released in December 2016. She offers yoga therapy webinars through, and she teaches nationally and internationally with a specialty in anatomy and therapeutics. She describes her approach to bodywork and yoga as a combination of science and artistic expression. Learn more about Ellen


Session 1: Sept 20-24 w/ Ross |
Creating an Optimal Environment for a Superlative Yoga Class

Preparing a class theme and sequence
Classroom setup
Opening a class and Initiating sequence
Primary observations / assessments
Navigating challenging circumstances
Fundamental Philosophies
Asana Focus: Surya Namaskar and Standing Poses


Session 2: Oct 18-19 w/ Melissa Spamer | Subtle Body Awakening

During this session Melissa will delve into subtle body, explore the theory and practice of Yin Yoga and finish her training with the relationship between Agni (fire) and Soma (water) in our bodies.

Subtle Body Awakening

This first day will introduce the concepts and theories of the subtle body based on the sacred teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. Topics will include the Ayurvedic five element view of the body, the five prana vayus, the nadis, and chakras. The concept of Shakti as the creative power that enlivens and awakens the body through the practice of Yoga. This day will include a lecture with a visual presentation, as well as mostly practice hours for experiential exploration. We will be looking at specific asanas, and how they may affect the elements, prana vayus, nadis, and chakras.

Yin Yoga – The Theory and Practice

The second day will introduce the theory of Yin Yoga – this includes appropriate practice, benefits, and contraindications. Building upon the previous day’s introduction of the subtle body we will go further in introducing Chinese Meridian Theory, especially in relationship to the nadis as discussed in day one. In addition to the energetic approach to practice, we will introduce the anatomical features of both the nervous system and the myofascial system in relation to Yin Yoga specifically. We will practice Yin Yoga to experientially explore the anatomical features from the lectures.

Agni and Soma – The Inner Harmony of Yoga Practice

The last half day class will introduce the concepts of Soma and Agni, in relationship to Yoga practice. Agni is considered the pure essence of fire relating to the sun, and Soma is considered the pure essence of water, relating to the moon. Understanding and exploring these qualities in practice, will create an expanded awareness of the teachings which can be found in heart of Yoga – feeling our way through the subtle and dynamic, the yin and yang, the Ha and Tha, and even further touching on the conscious and subconscious that we can affect through asana. This will be a day of integrating the previous lectures and applying that knowledge even further through direct asana practice.

Session 2: Oct 20-22 w/ Christopher Tompkons | Philosophy


Session 3: Dec 6-10 w/Ross |
Teaching Techniques to Facilitate, Catalyze and Support your Students

Sequencing to: build heat, cool down, inspire and educate
Understanding the different modes of class
Verbal and Manual Adjustments
Demonstrations and Partner Work
Meditations and Pranayama the Anchor Energy
Asana Focus: Inversions and Handbalancing


Session 4: Jan 17-21, 2018 w/ Ross |
Teaching Artistry: The Subtleties and Nuances of Advanced Teaching

Become a Yoga Conductor
Use of Voice and Subtext
Affirmative Teaching
Integrating Therapeutics
Meditations and Pranayama the Elevate Energy
Asana Focus: Backbends


Session 5: Feb 21-25, 2018 w/ Ellen Saltonstall | Advanced Anatomy

This five-day immersion is for teachers, students, body workers and anyone interested in knowing more about anatomy in the context of yoga, and effective ways to release chronic tension. Ellen teaches a unique blend of anatomy, therapeutic asana and Bodymind Ballwork. Our process will be lively and interactive, including hands-on work to understand the anatomical structures in the body. We will practice and analyze therapeutic poses to help the most common structural causes of pain. Bodymind Ballwork reveals the tight spots in the body and encourages them to soften, offering welcome relief from chronic stress and pain, as well as improved alignment.We will also discuss common conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and how to effectively teach students with those conditions. This workshop will increase your confidence, refine and expand your skills, and welcome you to the intriguing and subtle magnificence of the human body


Session 6: Mar 21-25 w/ Ross |
Integrating Myriad Variables into a Seamless Class and Career

Maintaining Your Own Health and Joy
The Business of Yoga
Cultivating Community and Honoring Others
Choosing the type of instruction (Direct, Conversational, Parenthetical, Allegorical)
Integrating personal experience and philosophy
Observing and Navigating Energetic Influences (External to the classroom and various student constituencies)
Meditations and Pranayama to actualize deeper consciousness
Asana Focus: Forward Bends, Twists and Review of “Problem Poses”

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