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  • A Pain Free Yoga Practice

    A Pain Free Yoga Practice

    How to Clear Pain in Your Practice and Avoid Future Injury

    2.16 heyam dukham anāgatam
    The pain which has not yet come, can and is to be avoided.
    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

    Yoga should not hurt! In this workshop clear the pain that you experience in your practice: shoulder pain in yoga’s pushup? Hamstring pain in forward bends? Neck tension after headstand? Low back pain from back bends? These pains that can dissipate after the practice are creating weakness and imbalance in the body over time. Learn how to practice yoga without pain and avoid the imbalances that lead to future pain, weakness or injury. A full spectrum of poses will be offered from a therapeutic perspective and for feeling good-now and into the future.

    Jul 19, Yoga del Sol, Soccoro, Info: Yoga del Sol
    Aug 2, Shree Yoga, Taos, Info: Shree Yoga
    Aug 16, Downtown Desert Yoga, Las Cruces
    Info: Downtown Desert Yoga

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  • Backbends - From the Ground Up

    Backbends – From the Ground Up

    This workshop is designed to bring strength and awareness to the back body in support of a soft opening of the front body. Bhava teachers Marisol Brito and Sarah Gorham will lead you through a sweet, heart-opening sequence with a focus on fine-tuning muscle engagement from the ground up. The progressive sequence will guide you safely and clearly into confident backbends and leave you feeling brilliant. Open to all levels of practitioners from beginners to advanced.

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     Date: Aug 2, 2014 
     From: 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM 



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