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There are many styles of events: multiple week series classes, workshops and retreats .  Each event, by design, is intended to provide students the opportunity to experience more subject depth in a focused learning environment.  These special offerings, lead by experienced teachers, focus on a particular element of yoga, giving students time to learn about specific topics, practice and integrate the new information and ask questions in a safe and welcoming environment.

Series classes provide students with a weekly class, focusing on a particular aspect of yoga.  Each week new information is presented with the intent for the individual to have well rounded experience after attending all classes. Workshops are multiple class events where students can take their practice to a new level.  Retreats are destination events, where students are fully immersed in learning and practicing with a group of fellow yogis.  The destinations are inspiring, the food is nourishing and the community is grounding.  Retreats create lasting memories that stay with you for a lifetime.  As a whole, these special Events, give students a safe and welcoming environment away from the demands of their daily lives to focus on their practice and deepen their understanding of yoga..


  • Yoga Challenge - 25 Classes in 28 Days

    Yoga Challenge – 25 Classes in 28 Days

    -25 Classes in 28 Days-

    February 1-28

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