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  • Ayurveda for a Balanced Life

    Ayurveda for a Balanced Life

    Health is not just the absence of disease; it is a balanced body and mind.

    Deepen the experience and understanding of your yoga practice and health with the study of yoga’s sister science of Ayurveda. A time-honored holistic and traditional medicine from India, Ayurveda integrates the body, mind and spirit by exploring diet, lifestyle, yoga postures, and environment, and how they are essential to a balanced and joyous life. In this very special series of workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to apply Ayurveda’s principles for a healthy lifestyle specific to your constitution, and leave with a plan for creating enhanced balance in your life.

    Open to the general public as well as teachers and students of yoga.

    Saturdays 2-5 pm
    •March 11, 2017 Common Imbalances
    •March 25, 2017 Simple Remedies




Series Classes

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