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Bhava  |bah va| noun

1 the deepest feeling from your heart that inspires what you love to do.
2 a special place in Albuquerque, NM where magic seemingly happens.
3 a place for finding inspiration, connection and for feeling good.

Bhava Yoga Studio’s vision is to provide the greater Albuquerque area with a vibrant center for practicing and studying yoga. As a Yoga Alliance registered school, Bhava trains and certifies highly skilled and passionate teachers, who in turn guide students to feel better, smile more and connect with others wanting to cultivate a truly radiant life. We welcome you to join us in this uplifting practice, and in doing so, transform the world around us, one yogi at a time.

Sarah Gorham

Sarah Gorham

Sarah, co-director of Bhava Yoga Studio, was first opened up to yoga when she read Siddhartha in her late teens.  That book awakened in her an appreciation for our deeper aspects and a thirst to learn more about the wisdom of nature and of being.  She loves the challenge of opening herself up to the unknown, a process that invokes Bhava (the Divine mood)!  Sarah’s curiosity about yoga led her to complete her first 300-hr teacher training with the beautiful teachers at Dharma Yoga in Austin in 2008.  She has been studying with Christina Sell since 2007.  When Sarah moved to Albuquerque in 2009, she continued her studies in the Bhava Teacher Training Program with Bea Doyle.  Sarah continues her studies with Tias and Surya Little and has recently found Linda Spackman with whom she studies prenatal/postpartum yoga and Sanskrit chanting.  Sarah teaches flow and form classes that are infused with a strong emphasis on alignment.  She became Anusara Inspired™ in 2012 and is E-RYT 200.

Marisol Brito


Marisol has a dance background and 20 years experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She began practicing yoga in 2002 after looking for a way to understand and create a true mind-body connection. She has practiced Ashtanga, Anusara and other forms of hatha yoga, and in 2010 completed the Anusara Yoga Immersion at Bhava. She brings enthusiasm and a sense of humor to her yoga classes, creating an atmosphere that helps students try something new. To Marisol, beyond exercise, yoga is a vehicle for realizing an incredible life that is satisfying and surprising.

Easter Bonnifield

Easter is inspired to live life in truth, good health, compassion and joy through the practice and teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha. Her classes are created for you to strengthen your body, celebrate your heart space and clear the mind chatter. She has been qualified as a yoga teacher in the disciplines of Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic Therapeutic Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Baby Yoga. She is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant in diet and lifestyle management and healing therapies. Easter works with clients in Jyotisha – Vedic Astrology – for guidance through life’s most difficult times and how best to manage the possibilities available. Breathe easy, breathe smooth, breathe free.

Linda Brody

Linda Brody

Linda teaches 1st-3rd grades and children’s and family yoga classes at Little Earth School in Santa Fe, where she has taught since 1993. Her experiences with cancer and scoliosis have enabled her to embrace the transformative power of yoga. She loves teaching yoga to children who model joyful playful exploration. In her classes children experience grounding, strengthening and calming in an atmosphere that is engaging and fun. Linda holds a 95-hour Yoga Alliance-recognized specialty certification in Children’s Yoga and a 50-hour certification in Therapeutic Yoga for Children from Global Family Yoga™ and has completed training for teaching yoga to toddlers.

Tim Butler

Tim Butler

Tim has taught private and group classes since 2004. His classes focus on helping students to have their own deep experience in a safe and sacred space. He began his yoga training in 2001 with Tias Little in the Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar traditions, and has completed 5 levels of Prajna Yoga teacher training. In addition, he has also studied chanting and philosophy of the Yoga Sutras with Sonia Nelson. Tim is a Licensed Massage Therapist and in 2012 graduated from the world renowned Ayurvedic Institute. Tim uses this ancient science to consult with clients about their diet and lifestyle.

Darcy Cooke

Darcy began practicing yoga in 2003 as she completed her training as a physician assistant. Drawn initially to the relatively intense practices of Ashtanga and Bikram yoga, her practice and teaching have both evolved and slowed down significantly over time, most recently seeking training with Tias and Surya Little in Santa Fe. She takes joy in creating a balanced and personalized practice for her students. Her restorative classes take students through a series of gentle, supported postures designed to create space and ease in both the body and mind. Darcy has experience working with students with various limitations, and loves helping students find an accessible yoga practice.

Bea Doyle

Bea Doyle has always been adventurous, but her first yoga experience in 1983 captured her attention like none other. More than thirty years later she still loves yoga’s transformative ride. Equally passionate about connecting with the hearts of others, she began teaching yoga in 2000. Today, the wisdom and clarity with which she teaches inspires her students on and off the mat. Bea is a certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist, the creator of Dynamic Yoga Therapeutics™ and founder of Bhava Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, NM. Teaching yoga in all of its formats, she is recognized for her compelling yoga retreats, her skill as a teacher’s teacher and as a gifted yoga therapist.

Pamela Hong

Pam Hong

Pamela Hong has been studying and practicing various styles of yoga since 1993, and teaching since 2002. Her flow-based classes are infused with imaginative sequencing, blending fluid movement with precise postural alignment and spacious breathing. Students are encouraged to journey through their practice with compassion, attention, enthusiasm and grace. Pam has completed Levels I-III teacher training with Tias Little of Prajna Yoga/Santa Fe and has studied with Richard Freeman, Linda Spackman and Manju Jois.

Kimberly Lewis

Kimberly Bruna-Lewis

Kimberly Lewis is an educator, yogini and healer who believes in the power of yoga to transform and heal the body, mind and spirit. Kimberly loves to help students become embodied through breath, sound, posture and collective movement. She creates classes where students can stoke their internal fire of transformation through challenging yet accessible sequences that open the heart and root the Self. Having practiced yoga for 10 years, Kimberly’s training includes Prana Flow ® Energetic Vinyasa and Ayur-Yoga Therapy. An avid seeker, she is always continuing her studies in the healing arts with various yoga teachers, herbalists and healers.

Randy Olguin

Randy Olguin

Randy began his yoga practice in 2010 and found his calling in the spacious breathing explorations of Astanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. He brings a playful light-hearted approach to his classes while encouraging strong emphasis on breath and safe alignment. A firm believer in the therapeutic and healing powers of yoga, Randy hopes to share and pass on to his students the same passionate wisdom, encouragement and discipline for practice his teachers have passed onto him. Randy completed Levels I and II teacher trainings with Wendy Kiess of 3B Yoga NM.

Kendra Rickert

Kendra Ricket

Kendra empowers her students to find inspiration in their own strength and ability, and lovingly guides them beyond their perceived limitations. Drawing from the blessing of having studied for years at the feet of many masters, including Bikram Choudhury, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Geshe Michael Roach, her asana classes incorporate an in-depth knowledge of precise inner and outer body alignment, coupled with deep devotion to practice. She teaches internationally on yoga, meditation, and ancient scriptural traditions. In April 2014 she and her husband completed a 3 year silent meditation retreat in the Arizona desert.



Having worked in the field of public health, I find that yoga is the best and most affordable public health available. The teachers and classes at Bhava are an incredible anchor to deepening the connection and health on this planet.
– Janet Mason

While I have become more flexible through my practice, one of the most positive changes for me is greater balance in my mental and emotional outlook. No easy feat for a cynic and skeptic! Yoga has also given me integrated physical strength not achieved through other athletic endeavors. Using the alignment principles of Anusara Yoga is beneficial, even in mundane situations such as standing in line at a museum.
– Roger Kennett

Your studio has a heart and soul. I am touched.
– Melinda Elliot

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OMG. I had the best run today! 12 miles, no pain in my s-I joint! So thrilled. THANKS! I will keep doing the exercises.
– Lara Patriquin

Thank you for your professional and thorough approach to my knee pain problem. The results are beyond dramatic, and the changes in my sense of my body, my stance and my overall posture are equally dramatic. Though I still have to be mindful, the symptoms that occur when I’m NOT working in a pose properly are almost immediate now that I am so much more aware. Because I now know what to do, it only takes a moment to correct the problem and the symptoms go away immediately.
– Barbara Boulanger

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for my yoga practice and Bhava Yoga Studio. As you know, in July 2006 I suffered from two herniated discs in my neck. I was in excruciating pain and the medical community didn’t have any solutions other than drugs. A friend suggested I see you for a private yoga therapy session. I was skeptical but desperate. During two private sessions you taught me some simple exercises to relieve my pain and strengthen my muscles. After a few weeks doing these exercises on my own I had gained enough strength and flexibility to begin taking the fundamentals classes. I know that my neck would have healed eventually on its own but without yoga I believe it would have taken longer and I wouldn’t have learned the things I needed to do to avoid the chronic neck and shoulder pain I had been experiencing for years. Bhava Yoga Studio and its instructors saved me when I was in severe pain. My practice not only helps relieve aches and stiffness from sitting at a desk all day, but also keeps my life sane!
– Heidi Snow

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The Immersion was simply wonderful. While I expected the improvements in my physical practice, I had no idea how much my emotional and spiritual understanding would grow. I’ve also been amazed at how increased physical strength has translated into increased inner/emotional strength. Bea is a wonderful person to guide you on that journey. She is knowledgeable, loving, fun, and inspiring teacher.
– Sandra Ortsman

The Immersion is therapeutic for the mind, body and spirit–a holistic approach. I have learned so much about myself during this time and it was amazing to have the support of the community. Connecting with people on the same path is a necessary part of spiritual growth and something I was lacking before the Immersion. I couldn’t have spent my time and money on anything better.
– Nora Bacon

Yoga saved my life—twice. Bea’s teaching is so incredibly heartfelt that it’s difficult to bring anything other than 100% to her classes. The past six months have been about so much more than refining my asana practice. I am learning how to better trust myself, how to let the world around me work for me and how to see the highest in every person and thing. Thank You!
– Clint Murphy

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That handstand made me feel like a superstar! Thanks for supporting me in busting through my fear and all sorts of stories I was telling myself about things I would never be able to do. The weekend retreat at Sunrise Springs was life changing for me.
– Sarah Couch

My experience at Haramara was one of pure happiness. The incredible ocean views, the vibrant food, the full-on Anusara practice and skillful instruction, plus the magic and beauty of Haramara gave me a spontaneous presence of warmth and joy. The radiance of the group and the practice allowed me the space that I had been craving–to go deeper and bigger.
– Carolina Mead

Thanks again for the weekend. I hope you chose to do another retreat in T or C…the place rocks! I am inspired to pay close attention to any small movements, openings in my poses and, heck, in life…as I approach my 40’s… but, besides that, I also understand that the magic is really in the detail and I continue to learn how to notice and appreciate when small things happen! I also enjoyed the pranayama where we paused before and after the breath…I think that is where the magic lives as well!
– Mindy Grossberg

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